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How to Find the Cheapest Flight Ticket?

With the advancements in technology and the increase in the number of airlines, people of all economic backgrounds can now use planes as a means of transportation. Inevitably, various services provided by different companies brought fluctuating prices as for airline tickets. Moreover, no matter how various they are, there is a single spot that all of us have to check when we look into the flight table: Total Payment! While some of us dive into the first offer provided by a company that we trust, some others scrutinize the websites in order to find the cheapest one. So, what should our road map be like if we’d like to find a cheap flight? At this point, EcoTripSoS provides you insights leading to find the cheapest flights.

Ucuz Uçak Bileti - Cheap Flight Tickets

Early booking = Cheap Flight! Yes, this equation gives satisfactory outcomes most times. Obviously there are tons of different ticket prices for the same flight. In order to catch the cheaper tickets that are actually limited in number, early booking may be your only chance! ‘But how early?’ is the next question that springs into your mind, we know, that is why we say ‘6 weeks’, based on the analyses conducted by Airlines Reporting Corporation. According to the statistics of the company, it has been observed that the lowest fares are visible 6 weeks prior to a particular flight.

Buy online! You may think that no matter how you buy your ticket, the fares will be the same but when you buy online, you don’t make any staff work, you don’t make the company use any paper, ink and other office related stuff, therefore, you buy your ticket cheaper. I have personally experienced this with a difference of approximately 60 Dollars.

Make online research. What we mean by online research is to take a look at as many web sites as possible and to find the cheapest ticket possible. For this, you can use sky scanners (expedia, orbitz, skyscanner, momondo, ekobilet etc – which may charge for service cost) or use the corporate web sites of airline companies.    As we previously mentioned, there are unbelievable differences among the fares for the same flight and the more possibilities you go through, the more chance you will have for finding the cheapest ticket.

Fly on weekdays. Though it is interesting, the day you buy your ticket on has an effect on the price. Visit any corporate airline website and choose the option ‘My Dates are Flexible’, see it for yourselves that weekend flights are much more expensive that weekday flights. The reason why is actually simple, everyone with a basic knowledge of economics knows that demand and the price for the end user are directly proportional. That is, the more the demand is, the higher the prices are. And believe me there are more people who want to visit their families at the weekend they you may ever think of…In that respect, weekday flights mean more money in your pockets.  By that way, the cheapest day according to FareCompare is Wednesday. Just so you know…

Fly late at night or early in the morning. Parallel to our advice for flying on weekdays, it is possible to say that flight ticket demands decrease when people usually sleep. Referring back to the demand – price proportion, your budget may get happier when you fly when others are sleeping.

Ucuz Uçak Bileti - Cheap Flight Tickets

Keep an eye on special offers. This is the easy one. Just subscribe to e-mail groups of sky scanners or corporate web sites and there you go… This way you can get notified about the cheapest fares within a couple of clicks and have an Amsterdam get away weekend for a cheaper price!

Larger-scale company = Larger-scale gap in your budget.  Although there are exceptions, smaller scale companies serve cheaper fares in order to gain customers because it is the easiest and the most convenient way to have more customers. Forget about brand awareness. A larger company may not mean a safer company because there are certain standards required for the taking off of ANY plane that is intended to fly the airfield of this planet. And trust me the precautions are tight. Furthermore, small-scale companies charge you for some on-board services like meals or drink, which make their tickets cheaper. Say you have a 2-hour flight to cover. You won’t die if you don’t have a full-scale meal. On the contrary, if you buy a ticket from a larger company that has a service standard, you will pay for the food (and you’ll pay really good) whether you eat it or not! (Author’s remark: Following this guideline, I was able to save 80 Euros between Istanbul-Belgrade, you can eat for 10 days with that money). In that respect, smaller companies may save you from paying for services that you don’t actually use.

Re-check the prices 24 hours after you have bought your ticket! Flight tickets are like stock exchange, really. Prices change every minute and one may not always find the cheapest ticket possible. (Author’s remark: I paid 350 dollars for an Istanbul-London ticket only to find out that it was 300 dollars the next day.) Here the road map is to check the prices again 24 hours after you’ve got your ticket. If you catch a decrease in prices, contact the company and tell them you want your ticket for that price, too. They won’t like that, most probably. If this happens, just cancel your ticket, have your refund and buy your ticket for the lower price, visiting the company’s website.

Check out transfer flights. Everyone prefers a direct flight, right? I know you already remember the demand-price curve! Choose the less preferred alternative and save your money. Choose transfer flights and save your money!

Transfer on your own. This method is not widely preferred because it requires a lot of research and time. However, you can set your own transfer route benefitting from the special offers provided by different companies and save hundreds of dollars! For instance, you have to transfer in Amsterdam for an Istanbul-New York flight and İstanbul-Amsterdam costs 200 Euros while Amsterdam-New York costs 500 Euros. If you make a good research, you can find the former for 150 Euros and the latter for 400 Euros, as you enjoy the remaining 150 Euros for yourself. Planning is the key to saving money!

As you see, the flight ticket pricing system is quite complicated, however, by knowing the system better, you can beat it! Following one or more of the advices we have provided for you, you can save loads of money and make your holiday a more enjoyable one!

How to Find the Cheapest Flight Ticket?
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En Ucuz Uçak Bileti Nasıl Bulunur?How to Find the Cheapest Flight Ticket?
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