Wedding on a Budget

The Art of Getting Married on a Budget

Getting married in a spectacular wedding ceremony is everyone’s dream… However, it is quite a burden to have a spectacular one, taking into account the financial conditions of today. As a matter of fact, only because we allow ourselves to be driven by current trends, do we face highway robbery. Relax, though, organizing your wedding considering the equation that we frequently repeat, high demand = high cost, you can save literally thousands of dollars! Choosing the right time, right place and the right people does the trick! As EcoTripSos – Budget Travel Guide, we have detected the highest cost items and attempted to explain how to get around them on a budget.

Ucuz Düğün

The Wedding Date

Most people like having their weddings in open air instead of stuffy halls which means a lot of sweaty people. Naturally, this happens in the summer. But during this season, since the demand is really high, prices skyrocket! So, what can we do about that? If you book your wedding hall just before or right after the high season, you’ll face really amazing discounts. That is, if you book them right before June or right after August, you’ll save a lot (This is for northern hemisphere only). In most countries, you can experience all four seasons, so make use of them to their fullest! Enjoy both your good deal, and the fresh air!

Wedding Hall

One of the largest cost item is the wedding hall. There are halls that provide packages with everything necessary, from tables to drinks, but mind you, it is not charity work. If you buy one of these packages, you may have to pay enourmous service costs. If you deal with your cost items individually one by one, you may save a good deal of money.

But which wedding hall to choose? Start with your closest friends or relatives. Does any of them have a large garden? Then why would you pay thousands of dollars for a wedding hall? Benefiting from the opportunities around you will save you serious amounts.

Wedding Photography

Photography as a serious hobby is becoming more and more popular every day. We insist that there’s someone around you, who invested a lot of money on a DSLR camera and taken it up as a hobby. Ask for their help. Then can help you themselves, or they can find someone with the same hobby to help you.

You can even let the photography go and find its course during your wedding. A lot of your guests will be taking photos all night long. Just start a Facebook group, and ask them to upload the photos they take. Then download hundreds of natural looking photographs to your computer with a couple of clicks, choose the ones you like and have them printed!

Wedding Treats

Firstly, if you are a bit short of budget, forget treating your guests to a full meal. Instead, resort to low-cost options, like drinks and appetizers. Or else you may have to face a home without a refrigirator, so to speak. Food is not that expensive, you can find incredible appetizers for a good price and with a little touch of table setting and decoration, you can create amazing wedding tables.

Bridal gown – Groom’s suit

Briefly speaking, support simplicity and trust your natural beauty. Your exaggerate gown with tulles and precious looking stones may seem all shiny and eye-catching. But you are already a beautiful woman, and all you need to do in order to look beautiful is to highlight yourself, your natural beauty! A plain bridal gown can both make people admire you, and save you a lot of money.

Groom’s suit is a bit easier actually. Most suits would look good on most men and suits look very much alike most of the time. The local store can do more enough, with an average quality fabric and a clean cut.

Ucuz Düğün

Wedding Shoes

We’d like to open up the issue of shoes, which mostly females focus on, a little bit. Let’s admit, nobody sees our $500 dollar shoes under the long bridal gown. Then why shouldn’t we reduce the cost of our shoes?

Damat Bey’in ayakkabısına gelince, bir erkeğin ayakkabısı eski olmadığı sürece asla kalabalıkta sırıtmaz. Temiz, iyi durumda, boyalı bir çift ayakkabı tercih edin. Tahmini kazancınız 1000+ TL!

Hair&Make up 

Please, avoid exaggrated hair and make up styles. They’re so out of fashion, let alone being troublesome to make and maintain. Don’t spend your time and money on a hairstyle belonging to 90’s. At this point, we again suggest simplicity, because if you allow your hair dresser to add too many details to your hairstyle, people will focus on your hair, not your face! Instead, prefer a plain hair style that would drive forward your beauty and self-esteem. The less detail your hair style has, the less money you will have to pay.

If your make up requires 2-3 hours to put on, I can safely say that the beauty of your face has been suffering under your make up. We are well aware of the fact that you don’t care about your dermal pores partaking in your own respiration (you’ll change your mind in 15 years), but for the sake of your beauty at least, avoid and exaggrated style in your make up, because it looks horrible. The right make up always is the one that emphasizes on your natural beauty, and that covers the smalls defects, if you have any. Choosing simple types of make up styles, you can reduce the working time of your visagist and contribute to your budget. Even better, you can put on your make up yourself or ask a friend for help.

As you can see, it is possible to have your wedding cost much less. Avoiding package purchases, reducing the cost of minor details and trusting your self, you can ensure you have a refrigirator! If you have anything to add, please comment, or send us an article!!

Wedding on a Budget / Düğünü Ucuza Getirmek
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