Finding the best room rate

How to Catch the Best Room Rate?

The simple definition of a hotel is a type of management that lets its rooms or suites for a particular period of time with a commercial purpose. In other words, it is a shorter version of renting a room because the only difference is the duration.

When you rent a hotel room, the room is practically yours and as long as you do not cause any damage, you can comfortably sleep, have a shower or rest. Most hotels provide opportunities for daily life activities along with accommodation, food&beverages and night life, for instance.

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Hotels are all around the world. November 2013 data suggests that there are 13,4 million hotel rooms in the world. However, all hotels have legal responsibilities and some extra rules. For example, in a legally running hotel, you shall never stay without having your ID, number or driving licence recorded. This application secures both yourself and the hotel. “I get the hotel, but how am I secured?”, you should be asking now. The answer is crystal clear. Say you’re being looked for by the police on a crime that is nowhere near having been committed by you and you were at the hotel when the crime occured. At this point, you don’t need to worry about it thanks to the ID registration done by the hotel. And rest assured, no hotel would dare to inform other parties than the authorities about your ID.

Do not hesitate to sign your accommodation registers. Because these documents serve the purpose of a contract, which legally proves that you rent that particular room for a certain period of time. This, again, secures both the hotel and yourself.

How can I find good rates? 

Every person has the right to have a nice vacation. In some countries, vacations of the people are covered by the government. But how can you find the good rates?

Online channels are the best ways to find a cheap room. Follow continuously for special offers and you can book a room without service charges. Fear not the online channels because it is only your hotel that will pay a service charge. You just use the online channel as a medium for your booking.

Another option, which is more efficient, is bargaining. Bargain and bargain hard, trust us you’ll receive a discount.

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If you have the means and time and your hours are flexible, choose neither mornings nor evenings to walk-in. The cheapest hours are usually in afternoons and at night, preferably after 03.00 a.m. The reason for this is that it is quite difficult for the hotel management to determine the occupancy rate for the day. However, in the afternoons you can catch the hotel in a panic to let all the rooms due to the morning without a single walk-in. This is the time you can most efficiently bargain with the hotel. At these hours, they usually do not refuse your offer and you get to have a lower rate. Regarding the 03.00 a.m. advice, they will most certainly accept your offer in order not to finish the day with vacant rooms.

Mind you, a single room is always more expensive. Choose a double room or more, if possible. If a single room is $80, don’t forget that a double room will be no more than $120. Keep in mind that, when a hotel doubles the rate of a single room when you want to stay there with another person, there’s always another hotel that won’t do the same.

What to avoid while looking for better rates?

Approach suspiciously should you come across with a 50% discount on an online channel. No hotel will give you such a huge discount! Most probably, the actualy rate for walk-ins is also the same. Just a marketing trick…

The best vacation is the one that saves you money…. Happy holidays…

Finding the Best Room Hotel Rate / En Ucuz Oteli Bulmak
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Finding the Best Room Hotel Rate / En Ucuz Oteli Bulmak
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