Which one is the cheapest hotel search engine?

The Cheapest Hotel Search Engine

By the year 2014, most of us book our hotel rooms online, unless we walk-in. We all have a “very good” hotel search engine, but the fact is, we use these web sites since we have a positive attitude towards them and we don’t really know why we have this attitude. Could be the brand perception created by the company… Obviously, booking a room is a simple task. All you need to do is to choose the right dates and reserve your room with a couple of clicks. But have you ever thought that different hotel search engines may have different rates for the same room? For those who haven’t, we have made a small research in EcoTripSos style, attempting to find out which hotel search engine is the cheapest. In this article, you’ll find detailed information on the method we have used and the results we have acquired.

En Ucuz Otel Arama Motoru

Since we are familiar with academic research, let’s begin with the methodology. Firstly, we just visited our beloved Google Search and made 2 searches with the keywords “hotel” and “hotel search” to detect the highest ranking 10 hotel search engines. But as aforementioned, everyone has a different “very good” web site. For that reason, we decided to benefit from Özge Çetinkayar’s professional experience, asking her to choose the web sites that attract the most guests to the hotels she worked for. Combining the search results and Özge’s suggestions, here’s the list of top 5 hotel search engines:

  1. booking.com
  2. hrs.com
  3. hotels.com
  4. otel.com
  5. tatil.com

Upon determining the top hotel search engines, we had to find out the extras each site requires. As you may know, some hotel/hostel search engines charge for booking fees or service costs in addition to your actual expenses. However, this part was easy since none of the search engines that we chose require such a fee.

After that, the next in line was to find a hotel that is displayed on all 5 search engines. This step was actually more challenging then we expected because most of the hotels we checked were not available from all the engines. Hard as it was, Karaca Hotel, Alsancak, İzmir was available to be compared.

To make sure the rates were up-to-date, we set a scene that we were going to İzmir, Turkey right after this article had been written (24 Jan 2014) and were staying in a single room for a night only. Let’s have a look at the rates we acquired.

Hotel Search EngineSingle Room Rates

As you can see in the table, the rate of a single room at the same hotel differs in every single one of the search engines. And they all have the same slogan: “Guaranteed Best Rates!” But it is not the case apparently.

Looking back at our results, otel.com is the most expensive search engine on our list with a rate of $109.43, while booking.com, the most popular one for most people, happens to be the second with $92.98, in which case…

The Winner Is :

 hrs logo

Yes, hrs.com (standing for Hotel Reservation Service), which was not in the search results but was added to our list thanks to the suggestion of Özge Çetinkayar, claims the title of ‘the cheapest hotel search engine’ with the single room rate of $91.17 for Karaca Hotel, İzmir.

En Ucuz Otel Arama Motoru

But being familiar with academic research as we mentioned in the beginning of this article, we can’t run from the limitations of this small research. First of all, Google search results may change depending on the country you are making your search from. Moreover, this comparison is limited only to the mentioned dates and the chosen hotel. For that reason, applying the same method on a different hotel in different periods may yield conflicting results. In addition, some hotels may be changing their rates in order to increase their guests coming through a particular search engine. To sum up, generalizing the results may cause misconceptions, or they may not, you need to try for yourself. 🙂

All in all, the limitations mentioned above may of course affect the rates you get. But as EcoTripSos – Budget Travel Guide, we can do one thing, advise you to RESEARCH! Because a budget holiday, above all, is a matter of planning and research and to get the best rates, you may have to check more than 5 hotel search engines. Boring as it is, it is the way that will make your holiday much more enjoyable with the money you save!

The Cheapest Hotel Search Engine / En Ucuz Otel Arama Motoru
Article Name
The Cheapest Hotel Search Engine / En Ucuz Otel Arama Motoru
The Cheapest Hotel Search Engine / En Ucuz Otel Arama Motoru


  1. 30 November 2014  19:26 by melindabarker82 Reply

    Have you ever heard of reservationcounter.com? They offer pretty good offers and they have a best price guarantee.

    • 10 December 2014  04:16 by Bakırköy Reply

      Booking ve Hotels sayesinde birçok ülkede konaklama şansı yakaladım. Lakin yukarıda arkadaşın da dediği gibi Booking de rezervasyon yaptığını sandığın ama yapamadığın anlar çok oluyor.

  2. 6 June 2014  02:43 by Serdar Reply

    otelmax.com adındaki sitede bunların hepsini tek ekranda görebiliyoruz, hem zaman avantajımız oluyor. Birde indirim kodu yakalarsanız çok uygun bir rezervasyon yapabilirsiniz. otel.com,HRS ve tr.hotels.com un kupon kodlarını takip etmekte fayda var.

  3. 4 May 2014  01:30 by Beylikdüzü Reply

    Booking çok sıkıntılı bir site. Bazen oda açma sayısını mecburi kılıyor. Hatta sistem otomotik açıyor. Siz rezervasyon yaptırdığınızı sanıp gittiğiniz otelde çok ciddi sorun yaşayabiliyorsunuz. Bu konu hakkındaki yorumlar yayınlanmıyor sitede tabi.

  4. 29 January 2014  12:57 by Emrah Durak Reply

    Siz yine araştırın bulduğunuz en uygun fiyatla bana gelin günlük bir kahve masrafını düşüp yine en uygunu ben vermiş olacağım

    • 29 January 2014  19:28 by ecotripsos Reply

      Yorumunuz için teşekkürler. Öncelikle bu yazımızda acentalardan ziyade arama motorlarını karşılaştırdığımızı söylemeliyim. Fakat yine de yorumunuza iletişim bilgilerinizi eklerseniz, okuyucularımız teklifinizi değerlendirebilir.

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