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We have so far strived to introduce you several travel-friendly web sites, from one that tells you how much you would spend in a particular city (numbeo) to another web site that cares about your comfort more than anyone else (seatguru). In a similar fashion today, we’d like to share with you an outstandingly practical web site that could answer multiple questions at a time. This one is a timely tool that displays a map of the visa regimes related to your country of citizenship. The name is VisaMapper and this is so much that we say. The rest is from the keyboard of Geziseli, a Turkish travel blog… 

Greetings to all our followers with the first article of 2014…

The new year has welcomed us with all its mystery. We’ll see what this mytery brings to us… We can only hope to have a healthy new year full of grandeur. I’m sure some of us have already started planning this year’s trip in these days new plans are being made. However, some of us don’t really like planning ahead before travelling. Those simply hit the road as Sıla* says, “to where our heads take us to…”. As intriguing and adventurous as this attitude is, it also carries the risk of harbouring some problems if you’re aiming to travel abroad. At that very point, the paramount problem to be encountered is “VISAS”. We, as Turkish citizens, have to find out from relevant authorities if the country we want to go to requires a visa or not. Citizens of some other countries are quite lucky with that. Because the number of the countries that require a visa from them could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Therefore, it is not really surprising that most countries in the world have Japanese tourists :). There is no saying that a day will come for Turkish citizens to travel across most countries in the world without a visa, but the number of online platforms that display all the countries which require a visa at once is rising gradually. To me, the most useful one among these is VisaMapper.

What is VisaMapper?

Having only a single simple page, VisaMapper displays in colours which countries require a visa and which countries do not, identifying the location of the client. For instance, when you choose “I am a citizen of Turkey” on the site, you can see which countries demand we have a visa, including the specifics. The green colour represents those that do not require a visa for entrance. If you click on the country that you’d like to visit, you get to see the specifics about the visa requirements. I recommend you this platform, which I believe is yet to make an impact. 

Türk vatandaşlarından vize istemeyen ülkeler

I wish you days full of health and travel, days we could travel easier, without a visa… 

From: Geziseli (In Turkish)

*Sıla: A Turkish female pop singer, click to listen to the song mentioned in the article.


Global Visa Database: Visamapper / Küresel Vize Rejimi Haritası: VisaMapper
Article Name
Global Visa Database: Visamapper / Küresel Vize Rejimi Haritası: VisaMapper
Global Visa Database: Visamapper / Küresel Vize Rejimi Haritası: VisaMapper


  1. 16 April 2014  14:46 by chouaib hamidouch Reply

    I am Moroccan and I want to go to canada for a short stay tourism because I like this country is a dreamland for me and I have to quote it's without a visa is that directory you can me confirm and thank you in advance

    • 16 April 2014  15:42 by ecotripsos Reply


      According to the official website, Moroccan citizens need to obtain a visa to visit or transit Canada. For more information, please visit

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