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EcoTripSos – Budget Travel Guide is an informative project launched in November, 2013 by Özge Çetinkayar and Kutay Uzun. The foundation of EcoTripSos is laid on the professional tourism knowledge of Özge Çetinkayar and budget travelling experience of Kutay Uzun. EcoTripSos – Budget Travel guide aims to share with its followers economical ways of travelling.  Targetting beginner-travellers, EcoTripSos – Budget Travel Guide strives to inform the public on more economical and more eco-friendly ways of travelling.

Özge Çetinkayar

Özge Çetinkayar was born in İzmir, Turkey in 1991. Having been interested in tourism since her childhood, she holds a vocational high school diploma (Front Office) and a Bachelor’s Degree on Tourism and Hotel Management. Her professional fields of interest are organization, front office software and customer relations. EcoTripSos – Budget Travel Guide is a project that stems from Çetinkayar’s desire to share her knowledge and experience, having worked for numerous tourism establishments. She develops content and manages the blog.

Kutay Uzun

Kutay Uzun was born in Tekirdağ, Turkey in 1985. Due to his interest in foreign languages, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree on English Language and Literature. Moreover, he has travelled across numerous countries, applying the budget travel methods suggested on this blog. An active couchsurfer, Uzun hosts a lot of travellers at his place, thus contributing to their budgets. For EcoTripSos – Budget Travel Guide, he develops content and deals with the design.